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Serious medical conditions such as Heart Disease, Breast & Prostrate Cancer, Diabetes & Thyroid Disease can go undetected for up to 2 years Ė without noticeable symptoms.  

Simple blood work provides a comprehensive lab analysis of what is going on inside your body. Blood work testing helps to determine not only the many different forms of disease such as diabetes, liver problems, thyroid deficiencies, etc., but it also provides further analysis of mineral content, organ function and risk of disease based on the abnormally high or low blood cell count and shape of your red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.  

Routine blood work, in some cases, can virtually save your life or inform you of potential health problems that may occur later in life unless they are corrected through the use of medication, diet, physical exercise and possibly even a change in your Margate lifestyle.  

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Why use physicians, medical centers, hospitals and blood testing facilities in Margate who charge exorbitantly high fees for their various blood work tests, when you can get your blood work done much cheaper with The fees for our routine blood work profiles are typically hundreds of dollars cheaper than most online or physical Margate testing facilities can possibly offer.

A Complete Wellness Profile provides the best warning indicator. The earlier the problem is detected, the easier and more likely it is to be treated. Therefore, an annual checkup using this blood work profile with a huge savings is most recommended.  (NOW UP TO 70% OFF) 


With our affordable blood work-ups, Margate residents can get up to 60% off of standard blood work rates by simply ordering their blood work through our website. Whether you need a Complete Blood Count or CBC, Full Lipid Panel, Glucose/Diabetes, or testing for your liver, cardiovascular or thyroid amongst many others, you can get all of your lab blood work or tests done through our quick and easy lab testing service.   

Please see the column labeled "Lab Tests" on the left-hand side of this page and click on the testing category that best describes which blood work tests you are most interested in. It will direct you to the different types of lab blood work available for each category which we offer to Margate residents. All blood work testing comes with a Free Interpretation of the results and you can speak directly with one of our physicians.



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