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Take Shape Medifast Diet # 1

Top Favorite with Physicians!banner1

MEDIFAST has long been well-known as the #1 fastest, safest and most effective weight loss program with over 20,000 physicians throughout the U.S. recommending this low calorie, low fat, mixture of nutritionally balanced foods to their patients every day.

MEDIFAST is not about taking just a ‘few pounds off’….

It was medically and clinically designed originally as a fast, safe and effective weight loss program for people who were overweight with a BMI of 27 + or a waistline of over 31 inches!

In years past, MEDIFAST was given to patients by prescription only and is still one of the very few weight loss diets available today that has been medically proven and tested by John Hopkins University, supported and approved by FDA and NIH as being the fastest, safest and most dramatic weight loss diet program available to consumers on the market to date!

No Counting Calories - No Counting Carbs - No Counting Points!

Its incredible success lies in its SIMPLICITY and the DRAMATIC RESULTS it produces!

It’s EASY to follow and fits into anyone’s  stressful lifestyle.

5 Winning Points of the Take Shape 'MedifastWeight Loss Program! :


  • Immediate success – you can lose 2-5 lbs a week!
  • Program is simple and easy to follow
  • Food tastes great
  • Lower cost than all other competitor weight loss programs
  • You feel absolutely great!
The bonus benefits added are:
  • If you have been diagnosed as Diabetic this is the perfect program for you. It can stabilize your blood sugar levels, drop your weight and lessen your need for medications.
  • If you have been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol this weight loss program will show a remarkable improvement in leveling off your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, once again, reducing and even eliminating your need for medications.
AMAZING   Weight Loss   SUCCESS STORIES Click here to view slide show  
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